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lets play short

Lets play is a short and empirical homage to the world of tennis.

scott conquer the elements

FKB / BCF e-banking teaser

la poste - webstamp stand up paddle

webstamp world

hec lausanne this is how we work

We take you on a tour around the HEC department of the University of Lausanne.

yellowshark baugewerbe

We created and animated 4 short films for This one is about the Building Industry. Go check out the other ones! But be aware: men at work!

gookers the next door meal

Stop motion animation introducing healthy food, culinary skills and great ideas.

nespresso - the club just for you

What else!

e-drifter get the drift !

A small step for man, a giant drift for mankind.

fiff 2013 line up

The third episode of the FIFF trailer series featuring our well-known characters.

fiff the window

What's going on outside? Welcome at the Festival International du Film de Fribourg.

mondul coffee estate the film

A short trip to Tanzania and an inside look at the world of coffee production.

collaud & criblet confetti

Print is hard work. A glimpse into the magic world of printery.

excentris cinema duality

An eccentric advert for the 15th anniversary of Excentris Cinema Montreal.

western spaghetti

Sergio Leone's most famous and longest titles sequence ever, revisited by Alexander Hana and Brian Tornay. Three cowboys waiting for the train.